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Greatest Hits: From Junk To Restored to Street Rod

October 5, 2009

Brian Talbert’s 1929 Model A Sedan was a big inspiration when I was building mine. This is the first version of the car, built in the mid-sixties with a bitchin’ two-tone metallic blue paint job and Radir wheels. The car was cosmetically stock, with engine and drivetrain upgrades, and was a classic example of the style of cars being built by the Early Times car club, of which Talbert was a member. (Coincidentally, Richard Graves, another original Early Times member, did some work on my sedan, running brake lines and tweaking the front end suspension.)

Thanks to Jim Aust’s efforts to chronicle the Early Times club history, I was able to get a few more pictures of the Talbert sedan. The one above is from one of the first Street Rod Nationals. It looks like the ’29 is wearing Buick wire wheels by now.

I’m not sure who the gorilla is, but that looks like Jim “Jake” Jacobs’ Model A pickup in the foreground.

Sometime afterwards, Talbert did quite a bit more work on the sedan. Not only new paint and Buick wires, but a then-cutting-edge Jaguar rear end in the back.

I love this photo. I tried to replicate the look on my sedan. The original glass fuel filter, white-painted manifolds, and amber fog lights are the shit.