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December 12, 2018

Baby Tattoo 6-7-13 24I’m cleaning/organizing all my flat files, and finding all kinds of stuff that I thought was long gone – most notably, small batches of silkscreen prints that I thought were long gone! I’ve put a bunch up in my Bigcartel store – quantities are small (under 5) for most of them, so don’t wait if you see something you have to own!

Baby Tattoo 6-6-13 32Baby Tattoo 6-7-13 15Baby Tattoo 6-7-13 10


Put Some Coop On Your Getaway Sticks

December 12, 2018

LEGGINGS! I’ve got some killer new product in my Threadless store – leggings covered in all my filthy artwork! Go grab a few pairs while there’s FREE SHIPPING in my Artist’s Shop!


I Guess I’m Back

December 12, 2018

ae8f0fcd775b106b31c05997a9e4d3b2Since my tumblr will probably be deleted soon due to boobies, I guess I’ll start posting stuff over here again.

L1031335Here’s a photo of Lady Krondor, just to let you know I mean business. Let the filth flow!


Join Us! Join Us!

January 14, 2015


I’ve set up a mailing list to keep people up to date on new prints, projects and pagan rituals. If you care to subscribe, click on the link & offer up your email to my dark masters:


The New OFFICIAL COOP site: The Art Of COOP

March 19, 2012

The New OFFICIAL COOP site: The Art Of COOP

It’s still wobbling on spindly legs and covered in afterbirth, but the NEW OFFICIAL Coop website has been born!



Marc Maron Silkscreen Prints Now Available

December 5, 2011


Marc Maron prints now available! S/N edition of 200, 18″ x 24″, 6 colors hand-screened on heavy stock.


From the Department of Unfortunately-Named Food Products

May 10, 2010


“Glazed Holes?” Wow. Hard to believe that in a time where entire organizations are devoted to scanning the airwaves and internets, desperate for something offensive to complain about, this sort of thing flies right under the radar like an ekranoplan*.

Not that I’m offended; I think it’s hilarious.

*link added because ekranoplans are just so awesome.