Still In The Bunker

April 9, 2020


wolf whistle wall art smallI think we’ve been in lockdown for a month or so now – frankly, I’m losing track. I’ve been keeping busy, working on new art (there’s some new sketches up in the store) and putting new designs in my Threadless Artist’s Shop (slow going since everyone in the house is on the internet currently!)

sketch 04.01.20 #02

I’m also working on something new – a little sketchbook. I’t’s being laid out right now by my lovely assistant, but the plan is a 50-page chapbook collection, designed to be inexpensive to print so we can sell it for a low price. It will probably be a print run of 500 or less, so (hopefully) it will sell briskly.

IMG_9165 copy

So that’s what’s going on – hopefully all of you out there are staying healthy and not going too crazy right now. Stay safe.

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