New Stupid Project: Bad Idea

March 15, 2020


Before the world started to end, I did a really stupid thing and bought another old car.

My pal Mark Skipper found this cool handmade C Cab body down in SoCal. Constructed in the 70s for a street rod project, it sat unloved behind a shop for years until he took it home and started putting this crazy thing together, a period-correct late 60s/early 70s street rod. As soon as he put photos up on his instagram, I said something like “if you ever want to sell that LMK” and thus, my fate was sealed. As these things go, Mark found another cool project (a ’33 roadster) and sold the C Cab to me to open up space in his shop.

The C Cab moved back down to So Cal, so my buddy Dave Shuten could slot it into his busy schedule. Dave is the master of custom car fabrication and restoration – He’s not only restored more than a few legendary showcars, he’s built a clone of Big Daddy Roth’s Mysterion, restored Roth’s “lost” Orbitron showcar, and built some amazing cars of his own like the Iron Orchid. In other words, the perfect guy to do this right.

Unfortunately, I wasn’t expecting a pandemic to derail my plans, so for the moment, the C Cab sits in his shop, waiting for me to make some money. Dave will be keeping busy with his new TV show, anyway.

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