Contagion Blog Post #01

March 15, 2020


Boredom makes a man do strange things, so here I am, lifting up the rusty hood of my old blog, hooking up the jumper cables to bring it back to life.

We’re in day 3 of voluntary exile – Alex got out of school a day early before next week’s planned Spring Break, and I’m not sure if he’s going back to school after that. My wife is very lucky to have a job that was already cool with working from home (she’s been working on projects in L.A. from our new home in Austin for a year now.) As for me, well, I’m an ARTIST, don’t cha know, so slacking off and sitting around the house like a slob is coded in my DNA.

Hopefully my business won’t take too bad a hit, even though I’ve already seen three money-making public events get cancelled or rescheduled. My thinking is that after a few more days in voluntary quarantine, people will get bored and start buying dumb junk online, and I have been in the dumb junk purchased online business for literal decades now.

So I’m gonna start blathering on about stuff here, like an Internet OG. I’ll include photos and links and whatnot, maybe I can alleviate someone else’s boredom for a bit, maybe you’ll go buy some stickers or something in thanks. We’ll see.

Links to my stuff:

The Art Of Coop (my Bigcartel store)

My Threadless Artist’s Shop (t-shirts and whatnot)


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