Problems with Coopstuff.com?

March 14, 2012

I just got another email from an unhappy customer who ordered merchandise from Coopstuff and never received it. Again for the record, let me state that I have had absolutely nothing to do with Coopstuff since April 2009. It is owned and run by my ex-wife, and I am blocked from the server. I apologize if you have not received your order – please ask your credit card for a refund.

I hope to have a new online storefront up this year.



  1. Yes, I got totally ripped off, something wasnt in stock, (a poster) and all i was told was it wasnt available, no refund, no nothing. I actually was so pissed i sold alot of your stuff i had collected over the years, Glad to hear it wasnt you, still would have liked my $90 back tho..

  2. Just sent you an email, bob.

  3. I gotta say this makes me happy to read that you’re not connected to that site. I had a horrible experience with them too. It looked like some prints were rolled up and then literally stepped on before being shipped. It took a good 10 months to get a refund through my card company. Thanks for letting us know you’re not associated with them.

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