Marc Maron Silkscreen Prints Now Available

December 5, 2011


Marc Maron prints now available! S/N edition of 200, 18″ x 24″, 6 colors hand-screened on heavy stock.



  1. […] created an awesome poster for the recent Marc Maron WTF show at Neptune Theatre in Seattle (print order info). […]

  2. Is there a problem with the coopstuff.com website? I placed an order there almost 3 weeks ago, and every email I’ve sent them has gone unanswered. I’ve changed the subject heading each time (as they advise on the site itself, since they say that their spam filter is “cranked up to 11”) but no one is answering. They’ve got my money, but I don’t have the “coopstuff” I ordered. Any idea what’s up?

  3. The problem is that I am no longer affiliated with the coopstuff website – it belongs to my ex-wife, and she is not maintaining it. I suggest asking your CC for a refund. Sorry about this, but I’m as helpless as you are in this circumstance.

  4. Bummer. But many thanks for the lightning-fast heads-up 🙂 Have a good one and take care 🙂

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