Pre-Owned Mecha Godzilla

August 31, 2010


Just a little preview of something that I’m working on.


  1. […] Pre-Owned Mecha Godzilla, a preview of a new project that COOP is working on. Share […]

  2. C – another killer print!I could see this turned into a diptych

  3. Hi Coop!
    Your work is inspiring … that novelty ….
    We all have inspirations, unconscious and in many cases totally conscious.
    Fink Rat is an icon of an entire generation of Lowbrow art becoming totally pop art .. You take your inspiration and refreshing with wisdom, with great humor and respect, the result is a great work of art!
    I admire your work and your way to work every day.
    My respect.
    Sol Rac

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