A Package From Japan!

May 8, 2010


I stayed home today with a nagging cold/allergy attack/sinus infection, but luckily I was here to receive the results of my previously-blogged collaboration with NagNagNag! When I looked at the customs declaration and saw there were three items in the package, I knew I was in for an extra treat.


I knew I was getting one of the “regular” edition of 10, and one of the even more rare “Siamese” versions, (edition of 3!) but I had no idea I was also getting a one-off custom Nag, painted in a pattern similar to the original Bullmark Garamon! wow!

The paintjob on all three figures is insane. Shigeru, the sculptor/painter/owner of NagNagNag really goes overboard on every one of these creeps, and the clear red vinyl on this version is the icing on the cake. Click for fullsize to really dig the gruesome.





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  1. iggy pop? 😀

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