I’m Back

November 3, 2009


Welp, we finished the race. 41st place, I think, although with the royal bung-up that was this year’s attempt at electronic timing, who knows for sure. We did make it all the way to Nuevo Laredo, an accomplishment in and of itself.

I’m still recovering, but the digital photos are up, and as soon as I can run to the lab, maybe I’ll get some film shots, too.


  1. congrats on finishing! this is something i’d like to do but i know i never will.

  2. Great! If this year was fine in the finish line, who cares for the result?

  3. Well done. Great coverage of the event as well. Thanks for that.

  4. […] Coop Runs in the Carerra Panamericana, We Die of Jealousy By Mad_Science, on November 4th, 2009 Mr. Coop has a pretty good gig. When he’s not working on sweet cars, he’s making some sweet hot-rod art. When he’s not doing either of those, he’s taking pictures of naked ladies (find that link yourself). In his down time, he heads down Mexico way for the running of La Carrera Panamericana. […]

  5. Hey, there – Found this site via Hooniverse, which I found via Jalopnik. I’m already a follower of your photography work – including me occasionally quizzing you on the age and heritage of some of the Carerra Panamericana vehicles.

    Just thought I’d say ‘Hi’.

  6. Hi Coop,

    good to see, you are back save. Maybe you met Pixeleye (Dirk Behlau) together with the leningrad cowboys out there. He´s a good friend of mine and I´m maintaining his http://www.raceblog.de

    I would like to use your RSS-feed on: http://www.autoblogger.de
    Would that be OK for you? I only use one picture (max 240px) and max. 200 characters from the text. Each teaser will link out directly to your blog. When the article is interesting, it will be featured in the Editors-Pick category. These articles will also appear in a news-box on http://www.autobild.de (half way down the homepage), the biggest european automotive magazine.

    What do you say? Hope to hear from you soon.

    Best regards from germany… Jens Wilde

  7. Sure, please link!

  8. No hotties in Lotus? Dangit!

    The Martini paint job on that #230 911 is to die for, though.

  9. Hola Coop! Was cool to meet you in Mexico although the sun switched my brain off, haha! Thanks again for the stickers! Take care!

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