Still In The Bunker

April 9, 2020


wolf whistle wall art smallI think we’ve been in lockdown for a month or so now – frankly, I’m losing track. I’ve been keeping busy, working on new art (there’s some new sketches up in the store) and putting new designs in my Threadless Artist’s Shop (slow going since everyone in the house is on the internet currently!)

sketch 04.01.20 #02

I’m also working on something new – a little sketchbook. I’t’s being laid out right now by my lovely assistant, but the plan is a 50-page chapbook collection, designed to be inexpensive to print so we can sell it for a low price. It will probably be a print run of 500 or less, so (hopefully) it will sell briskly.

IMG_9165 copy

So that’s what’s going on – hopefully all of you out there are staying healthy and not going too crazy right now. Stay safe.


Hunkered Down, Day 7

March 20, 2020


We’ve been in the house pretty much nonstop since last Thursday – my son’s school is closed until at least April 3rd, and my wife is working from home until further notice. We’ve had a few momentary meltdowns, but none of us has gone full Jack Torrance YET.

The trick is keeping busy – I spent the first part of the week working on NEW sock designs for my Threadless Artist’s Shop, and I’m happy to say that they are selling briskly.  My online revenue has taken a big hit this month, like most of us who make money that way, so this has been a relief. If you need some socks, here’s the links for men’s socks and women’s socks (not sure why socks aren’t considered unisex, but you be you, Threadless.)

Screen Shot 2020-03-18 at 12.22.09 PM.png

Keeping the kid from going bonkers requires lots of distractions. Luckily we already had lots of arts & crafts available – and Lego.


First thing, I set up a folding table in my studio for Lego time. While Alex was busy with his projects, I started on a Donut Shop that I’ve been planning to build for a while.



Then I futzed around with some unfinished stuff, like a tattoo studio – I still need to print some tiny tattoo flash on sticker stock to decorate those tiles.IMG_8180.JPGIMG_8178.JPG

Finally, I started another building, but I only had enough bricks to build the facade, and I won’t be going to the Lego Store anytime soon, I suppose, so it goes on the shelf until I can obtain another assload of light grey bricks..



I did get the ground floor mostly done, and even got to use some cool printed tiles from the fine folk at Citizen Brick.


See how everything connects?

(BTW, 20% off all orders of $50 or more in my BigCartel store until April 7th – use discount code SPRINGBREAK at checkout!)



New Silkscreen Prints!

March 15, 2020


I’m still making these things – I was planning on finally doing Flatstock this year at SxSw, but, well, this whole viral apocalypse thing happened. However, all these fine prints AND MANY MORE are all available in my Bigcartel store, so order a few and we’ll pack ’em up and ship ’em out to you, Dear Patron.


New Stupid Project: Bad Idea

March 15, 2020


Before the world started to end, I did a really stupid thing and bought another old car.

My pal Mark Skipper found this cool handmade C Cab body down in SoCal. Constructed in the 70s for a street rod project, it sat unloved behind a shop for years until he took it home and started putting this crazy thing together, a period-correct late 60s/early 70s street rod. As soon as he put photos up on his instagram, I said something like “if you ever want to sell that LMK” and thus, my fate was sealed. As these things go, Mark found another cool project (a ’33 roadster) and sold the C Cab to me to open up space in his shop.

The C Cab moved back down to So Cal, so my buddy Dave Shuten could slot it into his busy schedule. Dave is the master of custom car fabrication and restoration – He’s not only restored more than a few legendary showcars, he’s built a clone of Big Daddy Roth’s Mysterion, restored Roth’s “lost” Orbitron showcar, and built some amazing cars of his own like the Iron Orchid. In other words, the perfect guy to do this right.

Unfortunately, I wasn’t expecting a pandemic to derail my plans, so for the moment, the C Cab sits in his shop, waiting for me to make some money. Dave will be keeping busy with his new TV show, anyway.


Contagion Blog Post #01

March 15, 2020


Boredom makes a man do strange things, so here I am, lifting up the rusty hood of my old blog, hooking up the jumper cables to bring it back to life.

We’re in day 3 of voluntary exile – Alex got out of school a day early before next week’s planned Spring Break, and I’m not sure if he’s going back to school after that. My wife is very lucky to have a job that was already cool with working from home (she’s been working on projects in L.A. from our new home in Austin for a year now.) As for me, well, I’m an ARTIST, don’t cha know, so slacking off and sitting around the house like a slob is coded in my DNA.

Hopefully my business won’t take too bad a hit, even though I’ve already seen three money-making public events get cancelled or rescheduled. My thinking is that after a few more days in voluntary quarantine, people will get bored and start buying dumb junk online, and I have been in the dumb junk purchased online business for literal decades now.

So I’m gonna start blathering on about stuff here, like an Internet OG. I’ll include photos and links and whatnot, maybe I can alleviate someone else’s boredom for a bit, maybe you’ll go buy some stickers or something in thanks. We’ll see.

Links to my stuff:

The Art Of Coop (my Bigcartel store)

My Threadless Artist’s Shop (t-shirts and whatnot)




July 26, 2019


December 12, 2018

Baby Tattoo 6-7-13 24I’m cleaning/organizing all my flat files, and finding all kinds of stuff that I thought was long gone – most notably, small batches of silkscreen prints that I thought were long gone! I’ve put a bunch up in my Bigcartel store – quantities are small (under 5) for most of them, so don’t wait if you see something you have to own!


Baby Tattoo 6-6-13 32Baby Tattoo 6-7-13 15Baby Tattoo 6-7-13 10


Put Some Coop On Your Getaway Sticks

December 12, 2018

LEGGINGS! I’ve got some killer new product in my Threadless store – leggings covered in all my filthy artwork! Go grab a few pairs while there’s FREE SHIPPING in my Artist’s Shop!



I Guess I’m Back

December 12, 2018

ae8f0fcd775b106b31c05997a9e4d3b2Since my tumblr will probably be deleted soon due to boobies, I guess I’ll start posting stuff over here again.

L1031335Here’s a photo of Lady Krondor, just to let you know I mean business. Let the filth flow!


Join Us! Join Us!

January 14, 2015


I’ve set up a mailing list to keep people up to date on new prints, projects and pagan rituals. If you care to subscribe, click on the link & offer up your email to my dark masters: